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Your Divan voted that to enter an event you must wear a mask and be temperature checked, if refusal no entry!!
  • Halloween "Trunk or Treat"

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  • Potentate's September/October Message


    I would like to thank all the people who have wished Lady Becky and I to ‘hang
    in there.’ It has been a tough year to say the least. Like everyone else, never in my
    wildest nightmares did I think we would be in a year like this. It has included a
    pandemic, nasty weather and shutting down the Shrine Center for three months. I
    am hoping to have the Shrine Center running at full speed by now, but we will have
    to see. As I write this letter on July 17 for the September/October FEZtivities, we
    are stepping backwards on the control of COVID-19. Today, the Mayor of Lincoln
    along with many other mayors, governors, and health officials are concerned about
    the uptick in cases. I, like them, do not want to lose anyone to this terrible disease.
    So, please be safe, do the right things, and listen to the health experts, so we can see
    what a new normal will be.
    Some clubs and units have started to meet by Zoom. This is GREAT. It is a fantastic
    way to keep informed and see how everyone is doing. The Corvettes and Iron
    Nobles have done some rides. It’s a great way to get out and relieve the everyday
    stress. This weekend, July 19, we will have our only (Parade.) Sorry, I cannot use
    that word. Our only cruise. It will have been to Fairbury, NE for their county fair. I
    hope we have a great turn out. It will be great to see everyone.
    The Wednesday morning coffee is on, so please attend. At the end of July 29, 30 &
    August 1, we are having our BIGGEST, GREATEST Garage Sale. Everything must
    go, even the 2020 Potentate! Then maybe things will get back to normal. Please
    come out and find that one or 50 thing(s) you need. Remember, this will help our
    General Fund. Speaking of money, the office staff has done a wonderful job on
    cutting back on the heat, A/C and other expenses. They need to be commended. I
    will not lie to you, it has been a tough financial year. With no rentals and very little
    fund-raising happening, we have had to dip into some rainy-day funds. I want to
    thank the past leaders and Finance Committee members for their hard work. This
    will help us thru these hard times.
    We had our first drive-thru dinner on June 12. It was a big success. Thank you,
    Alphas Unit. I hope that other groups will consider doing it. It was a great way to
    make some money for the Shrine and see old friends.
    As all know, the Cruisin’ Classic Car show, Imperial, CSSA, many parades, the
    Potentate’s trip to Boston, and Sportsman’s Raffle were all canceled. I hope we can
    get some events in this year. We are planning on the Halloween Party, Craft Show,
    Recognition Night, and other events IF able. Please watch the website, e-blast, and
    talk to your Divan rep for the latest information. Also, please check with the office
    to make sure your information is up to date. I know Antonia, and Cindy and even
    Dan would love to hear from you and update your information, so you can get the
    latest information.
    It’s hard to believe we are in the dog days of summer now, and this year is on the
    down hill slide. Its been a trying year, but I an glad I was able to be your Potentate.
    Hopefully things will change and we can do some fun events yet this year.
    Thank you for allowing me and Becky to be Potentate and First Lady of Sesostris
    Shrine for 2020.
    Please be safe.
    Fraternally Yours,
    Dan Johnson

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  • General Order No. 1

    General Order No.1 provides the following dates and deadlines for clubs and unit officer elections and reports

    Election of club and unit officers:                                  On or before October 31

    Club and unit secretaries to update records                 On or before November 30

    Club and units secretaries to update list of members   On or before December 31

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    CLUBS AND UNITS MEETING                                 OCTOBER 7 5:00PM BAR OPENS

    STATED MEETING                                                     OCTOBER 14 5:00PM BAR OPENS

    FAC & MEMBERSHIP                                                 OCTOBER 16 6:00PM BAR OPEN






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