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Your Divan voted that to enter an event you must wear a mask and be temperature checked, if refusal no entry!!
  • Town Hall

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  • Ladies Holiday Luncheon Moved to January 30, 2021







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  • Potentate's January/February Message


     Well, this is my last letter as the 2020 Pandemic Potentate. To say the least, it has been an interesting and trying year. It was not the year Lady Becky and I had planned or expected. We had so many plans and were hoping to try some new events and change some old ones. But, it was not to be this year. 
     We did have some fun events at the beginning of the year, that included the Installation and some of our patients giving us a “thank you” for what we do. The Mardi-Gras Party was a big success, as was our Indoor Fishing Tournament. We launched a new Circus for four shows and then the ugly virus showed us who was boss and shut us down. I have the longest record of canceling events and shutting the Shrine down. Sorry Ill. Sir Richard. I thought you would hold that record for a long time, but a new Potentate came into office, and I hope I hold that record for years. 
     The one event that was a big surprise was the Dine at the Shrine. It was great to see everyone. The two Drive-Thru Dinners were a big success.  Thank you for all your help and support. 
     For the 2020 Divan, I will be forever grateful for your help and support. We didn’t get to do as much as I had hoped, but thank you. 
     We want to thank the Nobility and ladies, the past leadership of Sesostris and their ladies, our office staff, our aides, our decorators, our committees and our clubs and units for supporting us throughout the year. Your support and help was enormous and very encouraging.
     We wish Ill. Sir. Elect Jerry Pigsley and Lady Gina and their Divan a successful year in 2021. Lady Becky and I have enjoyed being your Potentate and First Lady. We are very grateful to belong to Sesostris and to have the opportunity to lead Sesostris for 2020. Thank you, and please be safe. 
    Dan Johnson
    Pandemic Potentate 2020

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    CLUBS AND UNITS MEETING                                            JANUARY 6 5:00PM BAR OPENS

    INSTALLATION - SCOTTISH RITE                                      JANUARY 9 2:00PM 

    STATED MEETING WITH DINNER                                      JANUARY 13 5:30PM BAR OPENS MEAL AT 6:00PM

    CLUB/UNIT ORIENTATION                                                 JANUARY 16 9:00AM

    LADIES LUNCHEON                                                           JANUARY 30 11:00AM


    We would like to apologize to the Blue Valley Fireman for omitting them in the last Feztivities for donating to the Shrine Temple

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