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        CLUBS AND UNITS MEETING                    AUGUST 5 5:00PM BAR

        STATED MEETING                                        AUGUST 12 5:00PM BAR

        IRON NOBLE MEAL ??                                   AUGUST 15 ??PM


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    Potentate's March/April Message

            It’s hard to believe that two months have already gone by. First, I and
    Lady Becky and the 2020 Divan would like to say THANK YOU for allowing us to
    serve as your leadership. It is an honor we do not take lightly. Thank you again for
    allowing us to serve Sesostris Shrine.
            On a personal note, I would like to thank all who were able to help or see
    the Divan installation. I hope all had a great time!
            I was pleased to see the Scottish Rite with many people there and having
    fun laughing and enjoying themselves. I have to admit I was a bit nervous about my
    pin, the Flying Pig. But, after telling the reason I picked my pin, and hearing everyone
    laugh and telling me how much they liked it, I thought it was a good choice. I think
    that set the year for having fun, and that’s what we need to do!
            I hope all enjoyed the meal and the guest speakers at the Shrine Center.
    I hope to have more speakers throughout the year. I believe we don’t hear enough
    from the kids and family’s we help. It brings a new light on what we do, and why.
            The Divan and I are implementingsome new changes at the Shrine
    Center this year. We have voted to upgrade our computer server and software. We
    all felt this needed to be done to help the Center run more efficiently and keep our
    information safe. Second, with the money we received from the State of Nebraska
    we have voted with the Finance Committee and the nobility to build an enclosed
    storage building on the property north of the Shrine Center in the gated area. Thus,
    this will give us more storage. Please give Doug Krogman a big THANK YOU
    for this! He has spent many hours behind the scenes working on this. Thank you,
    Noble Doug! Also, Noble Gene Casper will be our contractor. Thank you guys for
    all your hard work!
            Also, we voted to work with a company so we can start paying for our
    events on the website. When we have an event at the Shrine Center, you can run a
    tab at the bar, and pay with a credit card, and many more things. It’s in the planning
    stage, so be patient. I think it will be a change for the better!
            The Divan ladies have taken on a project of their own. So, look and help
    support their fundraiser.
            We have a NEW CIRCUS coming to town this year. It’s Cindy Migley’s
    Circus Spectacular at the Lancaster Event Center, March 12-15. We will have eight
    shows. Please come out and help support our NEW circus!
            Please look at the Shrine website, calendar and the email blast for
    upcoming events. This is the best way to keep informed on what is going on! It’s
    going to be a fast and FUN year! So please keep up to date on events.
    Thank you for all you do!
    Dan & Becky Johnson
    Potentate & 1st Lady 2020


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