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* * * CIRCUS, CIRCUS, CIRCUS!!! Thur Mar 12th - Sun Mar 15th! 8 Shows! * * *

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    Potentate's January/February Farewell Message

        As you read this article, your 2019 Potentate will be beginning the transition from Potentate to Past Potentate. 2019 has been a great year for Sesostris Shrine, and it went by very quickly. All Nobles and Ladies should be very proud. We have a very hard working group.

        As I stated at Recognition Night, Sesostris should be very thankful and proud of all its accomplishments in the past and throughout 2019. I’m very thankful and proud to have had the honor of being the Potentate of Sesostris Shrine for 2019 and to all of you I say, “a job well done!!!”

    We introduced new events this year:

    • Easter Egg Hunt

    • Indoor Ice Fishing Tournament

    • Nostalgic Show with comedian Randy Riggle

        These events were great family-friendly events and I hope they survive and will be incorporated into future Sesostris activities.

        I want to congratulate the following clubs, units, rookies and Shriners of the year presented on Recognition Night. These are very difficult decisions that all Potentates must make. I believe that everyone listed below was very deserving of these honors:

    Sesostris Shrine Club of the Year: Northeast Shrine Club and Pawnee Shrine Club

    Sesostris Shrine Unit of the Year: Alpha’s and Cruis’n Classics

    Sesostris Shrine Rookies of the Year: Noble John Willis and Noble Don Duncan

    Sesostris Shrine Shriner of the Year: Noble Steve Busboom and Noble Todd Tinnean

        Now to get a little sentimental, (please bear with me), Nancy and I would like to thank the 2019 Divan and Ladies for all their efforts throughout the year. You have been outstanding and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

        We want to thank the Nobility and Ladies, the past leadership of Sesostris and their ladies, our office staff, our aides, our decorators, our committees and our clubs and units for supporting us throughout the year. Your support and help was enormous and very encouraging.

        We wish Dan Johnson and Lady Becky and their Divan a successful year in 2020.

        Lady Nancy and I have enjoyed a great year being your Potentate and First Lady. We are very blessed to belong to Sesostris and to have the opportunity to lead Sesostris for 2019.

    Thank you and nothing could be finer than being a Sesostris Shriner.


    Richard Eggerling

      Potentate 2019

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    Potentate Elect's January/February Message

        I would like first to say “thank you,” for allowing me and Becky to be the 2020 Potentate and First Lady of Sesostris Shrine. It is an honor that we are grateful to be allowed to have. With your help, we will be able to see Sesostris Shrine grow and prosper.

        I would like to thank Ill. Sir Richard and Lady Nancy on a FANTASTIC year and for all the new ideas they have brought to the table. We now need to build on them and make them grow.

        I find it hard to believe that I have only been a Shriner since the fall of 2007, when my brother Doug asked me to join. In 2012, I was asked to join the Divan as Captain of the Guard by Ill. Sir Michael Buchardt. And now in 2020, I have been elected as Potentate of Sesostris Shrine — an honor I don’t take lightly. I have learned a lot in these past eight years on the Divan and will continue to learn with your help.

        There are many changes and challenges on the horizon for Sesostris, with a new circus, membership, controlling costs, finances, and how to bring more fun to the Shrine Center.

    With the Child Active Center in the Annex, I hope to be able to bring more parents with young children to the Shrine Center, so they may enjoy the fun and fellowship, and give them the opportunity to have a relaxing night knowing their kids are in good hands and safe, just a few steps away. Becky and I, along with many others, believe this is one way we can help the Shrine grow our membership and attract younger families. There will be some growing pains, but with everyone’s help I think this will be a great thing for Sesostris.

        The next few months will be very busy for us all. Please attend as many functions as possible and help support the clubs and units and the Shrine.

        This year, we will try some new events and make the older ones bigger and better. We will have the Shrimp Feed. The Valentine’s Party will be at the Shrine Center this year. Our first Mardi Gras Party is February 22, which is a joint venture between the Shrine and the Daughter’s of the Nile. And of course, LADIES Night, plus many other events, please come out and support and enjoy these activities.

        Becky and I hope you all had a blessed Christmas and great New Year. So, let’s make the year even better and have a lot of fun.!!!!!


    Thank you,

    Dan & Becky Johnson

    Potentate 2020 and First Lady Sesostris Shrine

    A Message FromYour 2020 Potentate-Elect

    Dan Johnson

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  • Indoor Ice Fishing Contest

    February 29, 2020

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  • Shrine Unplugged 3-7-20

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    Shrine Circus

    March 12 - March 15


    8 Shows!  2 per day, Thurs thru Sun!

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    Pharaoh's Wine and Beer Tasting

    Pharaoh's Wine and Beer Tasting

    March 28 6 PM - 9 PM

    $10 for 5 tastings

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    Potentate's Trip

    September 26 - October 1

    Boston, The Freedom Trail & Plymouth

    Informational Meeting - Feb 19th

    Deadline for Reservations - July 20th






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    Vidalia Onions

    Get your orders in now!

    "Sweet Taste with Sweet Vidalias"

    Hand Harvested, Hand Graded $11.00 - 10.lb Bag

      Sesostris shrine is promoting the sale of the "World Famous Vidalia Sweet Onions" It takes nine months to grow these onions, and therefore, only one crop is produced each year. The supply is normally sold out in a six week period between May and June.
     These true Vidalia Sweet Onions will be shipped "Fresh from the Farm" directly to the shrine about the first week of May.
      The Vidalia Sweet Onion is as sweet as a Valencia Orange, and the natural sugar content is 12.5%. These unique characteristics combine to make it a gourmet delight.

    Order NOW!!




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