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    Potentate's September/October Message

    Well again, another two months have managed to slip by rather quickly.

    Three events we just finished recently include:

    Imperial Session in Nashville, Tennessee

    The items of business in the call book were presented and quickly voted on. Even the decisions

    needing to be made that will shape the future of our hospital systems were decided with very

    little controversy. I thank Sesostris Shrine for allowing me and my Lady Nancy to attend the

    Imperial Sessions for the last four years.

    Others attending were: Chief Rabban Dan Johnson and Lady Becky; Assistant Rabban Jerry

    Pigsley and Lady Gina; High Priest and Prophet Dale Brambila; and Legal Counsel, Ill. Sir Rob

    Kinsey and Lady Vicki. Also attending were: Most Worshipful Grand Master Robert Moninger

    and Lady Pam; Ill. Sir Mike Buchardt and Lady Maxine; Ill. Sir Bob Nemecek and Lady Ronell;

    and, Ill. Sir Ole Friesen and Lady Lynn. Sesostris was well represented in Nashville.

    A major plus for Sesostris is that the temple received a Silver Recognition Award for membership

    and toward the end if the session it was announced that our own Assistant Rabban Jerry Pigsley

    was appointed to the Imperial Jurisprudence and Laws Committee for 2020.

    Potentate’s Trip to Mackinac Island, Michigan

    What a great and fun trip! Nancy and I would like to thank all forty-one people who went on this

    trip, which included eight days of spending time, seeing the sites and touring great attractions

    across the states. It was a blast! A little tiring, but a great time. We hope everyone enjoyed the trip

    and the amazing part we all spent eight days together on a bus and got along great.

    Ladies Night Out

    Wow, what a fun event! I’m not sure who enjoys this the most-the ladies in the audience enjoying

    the entertainment or the performers who enjoyed their roll as entertainers. It sure was great to

    hear all the laughter in our Shrine Center.

    At this writing we have participated in the majority of our parade season. It seems like we just

    got started. As we finish the season with four or five left, I want to say a great big thank you to

    all who have participated so far. Participation from the Nobility has been very great so far.

    By the time you receive this edition of the FEZtivities we will have completed CSSA in Sioux

    City, IA. I thank all of you for attending, competing and or helping out with this event. I’m sure

    you all will have represented Sesostris well and done your best.

    During October some very important events are coming up as follows: Fall Ceremonial

    (October 12), the Sportsman’s Raffle (October 19), and the Halloween Party (October 24).

    More information about these upcoming events, can be found elsewhere in this issue.

    The Nobility Ball will be November 9. Registration and more information can be found on

    page 2, Lady Nancy and I hope you will be able to join us. Also, mark on your calendars, three

    additional events in November and December: Recognition Night will be held on November

    15, Indoor Ice Fishing on November 24, and Comedian Randy Riggle and Nostalgic show on

    December 28. More information will be provided in the next issue of the FEZtivities.

    Lady Nancy and I have attended many fun and great events with the

    Nobility this year. Thanks everyone for all your excellent work. Go



    Richard Eggerling

      Potentate 2019

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