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    Potentate's March/April Message

    WOW! The year is off to a very fast start. January has been a busy month already and there seems to be no stopping.

    We began the year with a GREAT Installation. There were a lot of Nobles, ladies, guests, friends and family in attendance. The reception afterward was also well-attended with good food for all. Thank you to all of the nobility involved for making this a wonderful success.

    After Installation, we and the Divan were kept occupied with several of the remaining unit Christmas parties. They all were fun. The Shrine Center has been buzzing with activity from the annual Shrimp Feed. Curtis Paul and the Gourmet Club stuffed us with shrimp again. Not to be outdone, the Iron Nobles and Nile whipped up piles of pancakes to make sure we continued to be fed. An additional highlight of the Pancake Feed was the appearance of Alex Gordon, who signed autographs for many in attendance. Seeing Alex’s interaction with the young people was a delight.

    By the time this is published, we will have had several other fun activities that I hope many of you were able to attend. We will have several Valentine’s parties. I hope you all remembered your special Valentine. The Abate Bike Show will have taken place and the first of our Shrine Circus performances will have been held in Columbus. Then, we will be looking forward to a lot of other activities which will include the Sesostris Circus at the Lancaster County Event Center. We hope that many of you can make it out to help make the show a success.

    Long-range planning has presented the opportunity for a New Year’s Eve party at the end of this year. There has been a multi-year absence of ringing in the New Year, so a party is being planned. More information will be in the May/June Feztivities. In the shorter term, we will have the Sesostris Ball on April 28, an Outreach Clinic at St. Elizabeth’s on April 7 and have begun planning for CSSA in Branson the middle of August.

    Thank you for everything that you do for the Sesostris Shrine and remember Leonard Nimoy’s quote, "the Miracle is this, the more you share the more you have."


    Potentate 2018





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  • Rainbow of Hope Nomination

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  • Potentate's Ball April 28

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  • Pharaoh's Wine and Beer Tasting

                    Pharaoh's Wine and Beer Tasting, March 24 6 PM - 9 PM

                                                              $10 for 5 tastings

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  • 2nd Annual Blue Valley Shrine Club Open Golf Tournament

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  • Sesostris Shrine Golf Tournament, Mon June 11th

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  • Husker Football Trip

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  • Vidalia Onions

    "Sweet Taste with Sweet Vidalias"

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    Hand Harvested, Hand Graded $10.00 - 10.lb Bag

      Sesostris shrine is promoting the sale of the "World Famous Vidalia Sweet Onions" It takes nine months to grow these onions, and therefore, only one crop is produced each year. The supply is normally sold out in a six week period between May and June.
     These true Vidalia Sweet Onions will be shipped "Fresh from the Farm" directly to the shrine about the first week of May.
      The Vidalia Sweet Onion is as sweet as a Valencia Orange, and the natural sugar content is 12.5%. These unique characteristics combine to make it a gourmet delight.

    Order NOW!!

    Cover Poster

    Onion Incentives

    Purchasers Sales List

    Order Form

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